– Yo guys, Jonathan here, and this is a $50 MacBook Pro dummy. So if you’re thinking toyourself, “Why is he sliding that “poor MacBook across the table?” Do not worry, it is fake. What had happened was Igot this email from China as you do, asking if I wanteda buy a $50 MacBook Pro dummy and thought to myself, Iwould be stupid not to. So 7 to 10 internationalbusiness days later, this thing arrives in thissuper sketchy mysterious white box. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but much to my surprise, I was surprised. Oh man. It’s metal, holy. Honestly, I thought itwas gonna be plastic. This thing feels like an actual MacBook. It’s got the space gray,USB-C ports, headphone jack. It’s got some heft to it. I am actually reallysurprised for 50 bucks. This is kinda crazy. I don’t think it turns on. (laughing) It’s a fake screen. So the screen is weird. It is almost so fake thatyou kinda gotta double check to make sure that it’s notreal, if that makes sense. I will give these guys an A for effort for trying to replicate the screen, but once you look closely,you can see how hilarious some of the translations are.

So if you look towards thetop next to the Apple logo, we see Finder, file, theeditor, according to, to travel to, window, and help. Next to the batteryicon, we can see spell, and then my personal favorite, the date On Thursday Afternoon 5:31. This is clearly modeledafter a 13 inch space gray MacBook Pro and I amsurprised at how much detail went in to this down to thegiant trackpad, the ports, the weight, even thespace gray finish is close until you get them side by side. What I immediately noticewith the real MacBook Pro, it actually had more of a gradient to it when the light hit itas opposed to the clone where it was kinda flat. If you look closely tooas I move my hand across you can see how much more of a reflection the real MacBook Pro picks upas opposed to the fake one. So with that much detail, ifthis thing would’ve turned on, it would’ve been freakingamazing, but of course, with it being a nonfunctioning dummy, I still had a backup plan. Earlier today I brought overmy buddy Chris to talk about the next Dream Desk design,so drop a like if you’re excited for that. But I also wanted to see ifI could get him to believe this was a real MacBook anddrop it right in front of him. Alright Chris. Don’t laugh at this okay.

– [Chris] Okay. – I drew this up in like— This is your first 3D rendering?- Yeah. Here, grab it. Oh, Jesus! You, oh no. Jesus. – This is fake. – Yeah, it is. (laughing) – Did he catch it?- He caught it! I gotta get someone else next. – [Cameraman] Evans. – I know, we’re gonna get Evans. (laughing) – Well, it’s actually pretty hefty. – [Jonathan] Yeah, I was surprised. The only dead giveaway is the screen. It’s a $50 MacBook clone. – Really?- Yeah. – That’s made to just be a prop? – Yeah, I guess so.- That’s funny. So have you guys dropped it? – No, you got catlike reflexes. (laughing) Who catches that? Like, on the first? He caught it like right here too. He was like. Yeah, I was like, aw, well, this sucks. That clearly didn’t workthanks to Mr. Chris’s ninja reflexes, so my next target was Mr. Austin Evans. I was a little apprehensivebecause he knew in someway there was a fake MacBook around, but I wanted to try it anyways. – Oh my, dude! Evans, you reacted so good, man! – Well first thing I looked and I saw that it was all bent up. (laughing) –

[Guy On Couch] Yeah, youtook too long to grab it. You had to analyze it from the outside. – Yeah, you should’ve dropped it quicker. That was pretty good. You almost got me. – [Guy On Couch] That reflex, man. You were too late. – So that reaction with Evansis definitely a little better, I am not sure what elsethis dummy could be good for aside from a joke. It would be insanely eviland super heartbreaking if you got somebody a MacBookPro for their birthday or as a gift and poppedthis inside instead. Realistically, it could beused in a store as a demo model so no one jacks the real thing, but other than that there reallyisn’t much use out of this. Now again, I will saythere was a ton of detail that went into this. So much in fact that I wascurious to see what was inside this pile. So after trying to pry thisopen, shaking it around, pulling it open, we ofcourse are left inside with more plastic. Aside from that, thank youguys very much for watching and I know, a $50 MacBookPro dummy giveaway is not interesting but whatis is a Nintendo Switch and also some custom painted AirPods which you can check out here. This is Jonathan and Iwill catch you guys later.


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