Apple iPhone 13 – Its Really Happening!

The Apple iphone 13 is coming with incredible features that we’ve all been waiting for   and i’ll be sharing the details right after this. If you’re new here and want to stay up to date with the latest tech please hit subscribe   followed by the bell you can also keep up on facebook, instagram & twitter by clicking the   links in the description so today we’ve got plenty of news about the apple iphone 13 we’ve got news   that it will be coming on time and it’s going to have a couple of features that we’ve really   all been waiting for before we get started though please like the video if you’re a fan of apple and   let me know in the comments what country you’re watching this video from so the first story of   the day is that unlike this year the apple iphone 13 will be arriving on time while there were many   issues this year forcing apple to delay the launch of the apple iphone 13 reliable analyst ming chi   quo has reported the iphone 13 is going to launch in q3 of 2021 and that it’s going to be september   there were concerns over production of the new a15 chip inside the apple iphone 13 but minchi advises   that tsmc who were the people that manufactured the chipset will be ramping up their efforts to   accommodate we also have news that touch id is going to be returning to the iphone 13.

they saw   success in the past with their touch id built into a solid state sensor along with haptic feedback   to make it feel like a button and it’s thought that this time apple will be improving upon the   traditional in-display fingerprint sensor so it’s going to be exciting to see what they come up with   as we know many phones already have in-display fingerprint scanners and they do work very well   but apple tends to take technology that’s already available and then really polish it to provide   the best user experience they can i wouldn’t be surprised if haptic feedback was a big part of   the in-display fingerprint scanner on the iphone 13. and we also have news that there are already   iphone 13 prototypes out there that do have touch id now we’ve also got news that the two premium   iphone 13 models are going to be using ltpo displays for those that don’t know the ltpo   displays allow for a variable refresh rate meaning it can stay lower when it’s not necessary and this   will help preserve battery life but then when it’s beneficial to the user it can ramp up to a much   higher refresh rate the elect has issued a report that says the iphone 13 pro and the iphone 13 pro   max will be featuring 120 Hz pro motion ltpo displays and they’re most likely going to come   from either samsung or lg we also have news that boe are still trying to become part of the apple   supply chain and if successful then they’re most likely going to be contributing towards the iphone   13 and the iphone 13 mini now that being said they’ve already been declined twice after failing   quality checks but they are continuing to develop to try and reach the standard that apple require

there are still a few reports and plenty of concept renders of an apple iphone 13   without a notch but every source with a proven track record is stating that there will be a notch   so sorry to be the bearer of bad news for those that don’t want to see a notch this time but the   iphone 13 is definitely coming with a notch we’d already have a little bit of information when it   comes to the specs of the iphone 13 so for those interested we’re going to run through the whole   of the series for my regular viewers you guys have already seen this so just jump to the next video   but if you are new here then don’t forget to hit subscribe and we’re gonna get right into it   so to start with we’ve got the entry level model the apple iphone 13 mini is expected to be a 5.4   inch iphone with an oled super retina display it’s expected to have a resolution of 2340×1080   and this is going to give us 465 pixels per inch it’s very unlikely for high refresh rates on the   lower models to expect a 60hz display but we should be seeing this shorter notch with apple

continuing to prove that huge amounts of ram are just not required it should be equipped with four   gigs of ram and a choice of 64 128 or 256 storage we’re expecting another aluminium frame to reduce   the cost although again the body should be looking similar to that of the pros and the iphone 13 mini   is going to come with dual cameras on the rear consisting of a 12 megapixel wide angle and a 12   megapixel ultrawide and it will of course ship with ios 15. for those that want the four gigs   of ram with 64 gigs of storage it’s likely gonna launch at a price of around seven hundred dollars   for 128 gig it should be around 750 and for the 256 gig it should be around 850 dollars next up   we’ve got the iphone 13. the iphone 13 is going to have a 6.1 inch oled display with a resolution   of 2532 by 1170 and this gives us 460 pixels per inch again we only expect this model to be having   a 60 Hz display and no ltpo technology but again it may have a smaller notch we expect four gigs of   ram along with a choice of 64 128 or 256 storage and the phone should have an aluminium frame   we’re expecting a 12 megapixel wide angle and a 12 megapixel ultra wide giving us another dual camera   setup and the phone is gonna ship with ios 15. for the 64 gig model we’re expecting around 800

if you want 128 gigs it should be around 850 for the 256 gig version it should be around 950   next up we’ve got the iphone 13 pro and here’s where things are going to change a little bit   although we are expecting a similar looking device the iphone 13 pro is expected to come   with a 6.1 inch oled display with a resolution of 1170×2532 and this gives us 460 pixels per inch   not only is it going to be brighter but it’s also going to be using ltpo technology and provide us   with a 120hz variable refresh rate at a full resolution we’re not expecting any increase of   ram as the a15 is going to be more than capable so expect six gigs of ram with a choice of 128   256 512 and maybe even a huge one terabytes of storage because this is the more premium model we   also expect another still frame and on the iphone 13 pro we should be getting a quad camera setup   this is going to be a 12 megapixel wide angle a 12 megapixel ultra wide a 12 megapixel telephoto   and a lidar sensor the phone will of course ship with ios 15 and when it comes to pricing we do   expect some small price increases with this new display technology so we’re estimating that 128   gigs maybe around 1050 for 256 it could be around 1150 for 512 it could be 1 350 and if the one

terabyte happens then we could expect a whopping 1 550 now finally we’ve got the most premium model   the iphone 13 pro max the iphone 13 pro max is expected to come with a 6.7 inch oled display with   a resolution of 1128 by 2778 giving us 458 pixels per inch again it’s going to be brighter it’s also   going to be using the ltpo technology and provide us with that 120 Hz variable refresh rate display   we can expect six gigs of ram with a choice of 128 256 512 and again if the leaks are true   then one terabyte of storage again we’re expecting another still frame on the iphone 13 pro max and   another quad camera setup again this will be a 12 megapixel wide angle 12 megapixel ultra   a 12 megapixel telephoto and the lidar sensor now the phone is of course going to ship with ios 15   when it comes to pricing again we expect this increase so we’re estimating for 128 gig it’s   and fifty 1150. for 256 gig it could be one thousand two hundred and fifty

for five twelve it could be one thousand four hundred and fifty and if this one terabyte   storage happens then we could see around one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars which   is an incredibly huge price tag so of course with so many leaks floating around things   won’t be clear until we get closer to launch and prototypes are made and hopefully leaked   as always though if anything surfaces i’m going to be sharing it with you guys straight away but   i’d like to know your thoughts in the comments so who out there is waiting for the apple iphone 13   and are you excited for touch id to make a return but thanks for watching the video if you liked it   smash the thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and i’ll see you guys in the next one you

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