– The Apple Watch Series 4was the most impressive thing that Apple announced last week. I’ve been reviewing it since then, and I gotta tell ya, it lives up to the hype. (smooth funky music) Now, we should start with the hardware, because more than on anyother part of this watch, the hardware is where theyreally knocked it outta the park. For the very first time since, basically, the original Apple Watch, the hardware here hasbeen fully redesigned. There’s new sizes, new screens, new speakers, and of course,there’s new stuff inside it. But, it still lookslike an Apple Watch so, let’s really get into it. So, with the Series 4,there’s two new sizes, there’s 40 millimeter and 44 millimeter, this is the 44 millimeter. Now, before this I was usingthe 42 millimeter size, the bigger size on the Series 3, and it’s only subtlybigger than it was before, but it’s also subtly thinner and to me, the trade-off is totally worth it. You’re really not gonna notice that difference all that much. And I think that also is gonna apply to people who prefer the smaller watch. Before we get too deep into this, we really should talk pricing, because these watches,they’re really not that cheap. The least expensive modelis the 40 millimeter, with GPS plus wi-fi, and that’s 399, but there’s a whole bunchof add-ons you can do so let’s take a look here.

It’s $30 more for the larger size, if you wanna get LTE that’susually about $100 more, plus the $10 a month or so yourcarrier’s gonna charge you. If you wanna get one of the steel models, that’s somewhere in theneighborhood of $200 more. You also could addAppleCare on top of that. You could easily spend $600,$700 on one of these things without even noticing it. And don’t even get mestarted on the Hermes model. Series 4 looks basicallythe same as before. It’s got the same lozenge shape and the same two-button layout but Apple’s really carefulwith the curves on this larger size so that it’s still compatible with existing watch bands,even third-party watch bands still look fine on these watches. Where things start to look different is when the screen turnson, because the screens on these watches are just,they’re just incredibly good. They’re at 30% bigger than the old models and they go closer tothe edge of the watch and they make the screenson the older generations of the Apple Watch lookreally tiny and cramped and the corners of the screen are rounded, so it just feels morenatural to the watch.

It’s still OLED so theblacks are still true black and these screens are just big, and they’re beautiful and I love them. Moving on, there are someother changes to the hardware that you should know aboutso the back is now ceramic instead of metal and that’sto allow wireless signals to pass through the ceramic, giving it better reception. They’ve moved the microphone over here, between the two buttons andthat makes it better for calls, but the thing that actuallymakes it better for calls is the louder speaker on this side. It’s seriously like, super duper loud. On the inside there’s a faster processor, of course, there’s Bluetooth 5.0 on the W3 wireless chip. And there’s a new set ofmore accurate sensors, which is gonna become important later. There’s also this hapticfeedback when you turn the digital crown which Ithought would be gimmicky, but I actually really like it. (crown turns) The other thing that they’ve done, if you get the LTE modelis there’s no longer a big, dumb, red dot on the digital crown,

it’s just a nice, little,subtle red ring now, so, (clicks tongue) good job. As for battery life,well, it’s stupendous. I used this thing allweekend without charging it and that included walkingaround for a couple hours using Maps, making a couple calls on LTE, and also doing some workoutstuff, which is not me, but I did it for science. And I didn’t have to charge this thing until the end of the day on Sunday. Apple says that it gets about18 hours of battery life or you can do about 6 hoursof outdoor workout time. You know what? It totally hit that number. In fact, the battery life is so good that I wish Apple gave mean option to have the screen just be always on, all thetime so you don’t have to twist your wrist to see the time, but you can’t do that. You still gotta twist yourwrist to see the time. It’s fine. So the newest version ofWatch OS is Watch OS 5. And, honestly, it’s kind ofa grab bag of new features. There’s support for podcastsand streaming Apple music, and new fitness and health options, and walkie-talkie mode,and you can open links in iMessage to webpagesand they get displayed automatically in readability mode. I don’t know, hooray for the web, I love reading the web on my watch.

Now, you might rememberthat last year’s Apple Watch had some launch issues with LTE, but Apple fixed those up pretty quickly and this year I haven’t hadany major problems with LTE. In fact, when people have calledme and I’ve used the watch to take the call, theydidn’t believe I wasn’t talking to them on the phone. And the speaker on this thing is so loud, you don’t have to like,hold it up to your ear to hear people, you just kindahold your wrist naturally and like, actually have a conversation, it’s really impressive. But it still does takethe watch a minute or two to get connected on LTE, which can be a little bit frustrating, because you don’t know ifit’s gonna work or not, and that’s most clear andmost obvious with Siri. Siri is still Siri. One new, neat feature is youcan just raise your wrist and start talking and Siri will respond, but, I don’t know, a lot of the time, instead of Siri becoming available, it just says, hang on, dot dot dot, and I’ll tap you whenI’m ready dot dot dot, and you just neverreally trust Siri to work the first time that you use it. Now, there’s also somesoftware features that are exclusive to the Series4 and that includes new watch faces, theelectrocardiogram feature, and fall detection.

The new watch faces are designed to show just how big these newApple Watch screens are and some of them are beautiful, I especially love the water watch face, which, like, has an animatedwater and shows a clock hand, I think it’s great. But the one that Appleis showing off is called Infograph, and it’s designed to show off how many complications theycan fit on a single screen. I’m okay with a ton of complications, but the colors here are just,they’re all over the place. This one’s orange and this one’s yellow, and this one goes from green to yellow. I know some people are gonna like it, but I super don’t. Oh, and Apple still isn’t allowing third-party watch faceswhich is kind of a bummer. I’d really like to get aninformation-dense watch screen like this without so many,just, colors everywhere. So the walkie-talkiefeature on the Apple Watch is pretty cool. To use it, both you andyour friend have to agree to be friends and youboth have to be available. And the reason that existsis the first time you talk to somebody onthe walkie-talkie mode, your voice just callsout from their watch. So, to do it, you hit the complication, or open up the app, you tapon the name of the person you wanna talk to and then there’s just a big, yellow talk button and you just hold your finger down on it and you talk.

So you could say, “Hey,Dan, how’s it going? “I’m calling you onwalkie-talkie, obviously.” So that’s nice, but thefirst time you do it there’s this message thatsays, connecting to Dan, because what walkie-talkiemode actually is, is a FaceTime callthat’s just interrupted– – [Voice On Watch] I’m doingalright, how about you? – By you tapping the push to talk button. So Dan just replied. Hey, I’m doing really good, we’re just demoing this on video for you, we’ll probably do this a couple of times. Ah, yeah, it worksreally well, except that, this is pretty greatbut you have to use your other hand to tap the thing,you can’t push a button, and it’s also like, if you’vegot one of your hands full you basically can’t use this thing, right? That’s the other problem with it. – [Voice On Watch] Yeah, that’s probably one of my biggest frustrations. I can’t even hold a coffee cup and do this at the same time. – I have a trick, hang on. The trick, if you’ve gota coffee in your hand, is a new thing that I’mcalling nose-calling, where– the thing is Dan, you can useyour nose, it totally works. – [Voice On Watch] Well,I guess the good thing about using my nose forthis is my other hand is free to face-palm.

The health and fitness side of Watch OS 5 is in a lot of ways alot more interesting, because Apple is separating out the ideas of fitness and health,so on the fitness side the new features areyou can do these like, workout competitions with your friends over the course of aweek and it will also do automatic workout detectionin case you forget to open up the little app andhit start or end workout. On the health side of the equation, it’s doing a bunch of interesting stuff, so it can now detect lowheart rates, for example, and later this year it’sgoing to be able to detect a regular heart rates too. It can also do fall detection, which is a really interestingfeature and I think it’s really gonna benefit a lot of people. It can automatically detectwith these new sensors, whether or not you’ve had a hard fall, and if it thinks you’vefallen and hurt yourself, it will offer to call emergency services and if you don’t respondwithin, I don’t know, a minute or something,it will just go ahead and call those services and also text your emergency contact to let them know that something might be wrong.

I have been trying to manually trigger the fall detection by hurling myselfonto the bed or the couch, and it hasn’t worked yet. I don’t know. Maybe the watch can tell that I’m acting. I do think it’s a great feature, I just can’t tell you whetheror not it super works. The headline-grabbingfeature of the Series 4 is the new electrocardiogram feature. So it’s got sensors on the bottom, also on the digitalcrown, you hold it down, it takes a reading andthen you can send a PDF to your doctor. Unfortunately, theyhaven’t turned that on yet, so I can’t test it and tellyou if it works or not. When Apple introduced thevery first Apple Watch, it was kind of a mess. It was trying to do way toomuch and both the software and the hardware just couldn’t live up to what they were trying to do with it. And on top of that,Apple really didn’t know what the watch’s purposewas, but since then, they’ve really figuredit out and this year they focused on making everything better. It has a better screen,it has better speed, it has better fitnessfeatures and most of all, it has better health features. Now, there’s still some thingsthat I’d like to see improve, and

I wish there weremore watch face options, and Siri’s still kind of unreliable, and, you know, these things are still pretty expensive,especially given how quickly Apple’s iterating them, it makes deciding whether or not to upgradea really hard call. But if you have an older Apple Watch, I think you’re going to be blown away by this year’s updates. Hey, it makes me feel badthat I bought the Series 3 last year because thisone is so much better. Bottom line, if you’ve been waiting to buy or upgrade an Apple Watch, now’s a really good time to get one. – [Man] Dieter– – What, I mean, there area lot of complications when it comes to buying an Apple Watch and people are watching tosee what we think of it. – [Man] Oh, God, Dieter. – Look, they’re kind of expensive, people just need toknow that time is money. – [Man] I’m cutting you off. – Oh, okay.


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