– Hey guys, this is Austin. I am no stranger totrying to game on a Mac. However, this time, well,we’re taking it up a notch. This is a $200 MacBook straight from 2009. To be clear, this is a terrible idea. But also, I don’t really care. This MacBook is straight from eBay, and it has had a bit of a hard life. The inside is actually fairly clean, so there’s no majorscratches on the screen, the keyboard and trackpad are all clear. However, on the exterior of the shell, there’s a pretty sizable crack here, and it looks like someone just attacked the bottom of it at some point. Generally speaking, the words “Mac” and “gaming” don’t go together. When you put “2009 white MacBook” together with the word “gaming,” you usually have a recipe for some straight garbage town. Inside, the specs are, well, not great. It has a 2.3 gigahertzIntel Core 2 Duo processor, four gigabytes of RAM, anNvidia GeForce 9400M graphics. A step up from integratedgraphics, but not by much. However, it’s not all bad.

The rest of the hardwaredoes feel reasonably modern. It’s running currentlya copy of MacOS Sierra, although you can update it to High Sierra, and you got stuff like dual-band Wi-Fi, a good keyboard, a decent trackpad. It doesn’t really feel that slow. – [Video] It is the firstiPhone to drop the home button. – So, with an only 1280 by 800 display, don’t expect to be blowingthrough 4K YouTube on this guy. Watching normal 720p video is no problem. Because it is running amodern operating system, not only do you stillget stuff like patches, there’s even support for things like Siri. With a resolution of 1280 by 800, the screen is definitely low-resolution by today’s standards. However, the panelitself really isn’t bad. Yes, it does not get quiteas bright as I would like, but the color and especiallysome of the viewing angles are a lot better than other TN panels that I’ve found on laptops around $200 today. You’re also getting agood selection of ports, including not only MagSafe, but Ethernet, Mini DisplayPort, and apair of USB 2.0 ports, and you get an opticaldrive, because 2009. I have to admit, when I firsthad the idea for this video, I expected this to bepretty much garbage town. But it really isn’t. However, the real test is going to be, can I play any games at all on it? Minecraft is a game that runs on basically every piece of tech on Earth, and it runs just fine here on the MacBook.

Yes, you do have to turnthe graphics settings down. Especially, you have toturn the chunk distance to be lot closer, but it does work. Now, Steam does work on MacOS, so of course, I have to give CS:GO a try, and I’m not expecting good things. 16 FPS (laughing). Alright, let’s– Oh, oh no! Okay. I’m gonna give this a solid F for failure. CS:GO is not MacBookcompatible, at least not a 2009. However, the main reason Iactually wanted to this video was a new thing fromNvidia called GeForce Now. GeForce Now itself isn’t new, but what is is the Mac beta. Essentially what we can do here is we can go through pretty much any game on Steam and Battle.net. Now, they don’t support everything, but a lot of the majorgames, such as Dota 2, Fortnite, Battlefront 2,you can all play for free, at least right now during beta on the Mac. The only catch is that youactually have to own these games. The way it works is once youactually log into GeForce Now, you log into somethinglike Steam or Battle.net, and you can play the gameson your own accounts.

Now, back in CS:GO running in GeForce Now, it is a huge difference. Because the computer in the cloud is doing all the heavy lifting, all the MacBook has to do is essentially just decode the video and pass through my mouse and keyboard input over the internet. I know that there’s absolutelya little bit of latency that is added, but becausewe’re over Ethernet and because we havefiber here in the office, it’s really hard to see anykind of major difference. Next, we have Playerunknown’sBattlegrounds. This is a game that youwould never be able to run on the MacBook in a million years, but here again, it runs prettywell here with GeForce Now. It’s crazy just how farcloud gaming has come. It feels like not that long ago that, while you could do stuff like this with PlayStation Now and GeForce, it really relied on having acrazy-good internet connection. Without it, it was super-choppy and there was a lot of latency, even with a good internet connection. But here, I mean, yes, if I look closely, I can see there’s alittle bit of a difference as far as not being able tofully get that instant response, but it is not bad.

Is there nothing in here? Oh, no, no no no no! Get– No, no, yes, yes! I did it! I (laughing) killed someone with my fists! Yet again, Overwatch works totally fine. Dude, I’m really impressed with this. I’ve been wanting to tryGeForce Now for Mac for a while, but there’s reallynothing to complain about, if you have a good internet connection, and I can’t stress that enough. If you don’t, this is not going to be as smooth as an experience. But if you do, it runs basically just like you’re running it on your actual MacBook. The only real catch here isthat this is free only in beta. At some point, Nvidia isgoing to come to their senses and start charging for this. But man, as long as it’s free, it’s essentially likeyou’re getting a free high-powered gaming PC that just happens to run on a little tiny MacBook. So, should you buy a 2009 MacBook to turn into a gaming PC? Of course not. But if you want to get into GeForce Now while it’s still for free on the Mac,

this is not a bad way of going at all. This is a great exampleof how newer technology can mean that you don’t haveto leave older hardware behind. Speaking of the hardware, this MacBook is a lotbetter than I thought. I’m actually consideringmaybe doing a few upgrades and doing a part two to this video, so if you guys want to see that, let me know in the comments below. Anyway guys, thank youso much for watching, and I will catch you on the next one.


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