Insert a headphone jack joke here! Today I’m here to review the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and the series 2 watch that is made out of the toiletmaterial … ceramic And here it is! wait this is not it. And here it is! iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 The box is a little bigger than 6 and 6s’ box But also there is something new. Now we don’t have to cut the shrink-wrap Simply we can just pull this off and open it up. As you can see they changed this to a similar way how Apple Watch sport and Apple Pencil is boxed So now we have this and let’s see what is in this. So no special sticker for the JetBlack iPhone And here they are Let’s see what else is in the box As you can see we have the blowdryer for smurfs And this is the headphone to lightning converter Some people with Cinderella complex are worried about losing this Because they have probably never seen something similar that you need to take good care of So what you need to do is Cinderella you just plug this here and just leave it like that. So you don’t lose it. Let’s move on.

This is not in a plastic box anymore it is in this paper box If you were ever using that plastic box. It is gone And nicely folded lightning cable. I like it when they fold it like this. I like the way you fold Apple! When it is folded like that it unfolds nicely JetBlack isn’t showing any fingerprints at all The camera sticks out a little bit more than iPhone 6s Plus But on iPhone 7 it sticks out as much as it does on iPhone 6s The camera hole in the new cases are a lot bigger compared to the old case. What happens if you want to put it in the old case It doesn’t fit properly But maybe on this Tech21’s case you can get away with it for a while But it blocks the truetone flash What do we have here?That was joker from Suicide Squad And this is series 2 ceramic Apple Watch Edition.

If you like to watch the full review of the watch edition you can click on the thumbnail or you can find the link in the description box below once it is uploaded. But first lets see the booting time difference between the first apple watch and the series 2 apple watch. It seems like series 2 Apple Watch is a lot faster than the first Apple Watch But is it tho? Find it in my video! After I turned the phone on, the first thing I noticed, the click taptic engine makes is pretty much like how trackpads feels So now that the home button is not a physical button if you want to put your phone into DFU mode Of if you want to restart your phone what you need to do is You hold down the power button and then you hold down the volume low button Alright now it is time boot up test All these phones are connected to the same hub And as soon as I plug this in they are going to get to comment to turn on in 3, 2, 1, go! iPhone 7 has 2gb and iPhone 7 plus has 3gb of ram. Well then. Let’s run some benchmark tests On

Geekbench 4 iPhone 7 scored the highest followed really close by the iPhone 7 plus When the phone is in low power mode same geekbench test results shows that iPhone 7 is faster than iPhone 6’s normal mode On 3D Mark iPhone 7 once again scored the highest followed by the iPhone 7 plus And on low power mode, iPhone 7 and 7 plus scored almost as high as iPhone 6s and 6s plus’s normal mode On SunSpider java test iPhone 7 is in the lead but this time it is shared with iPhone 6s plus. I charged the phones fully then turned the screen to full brightness and let Pokemon go run for an hour and the battery of iPhone 7 plus went down to %82. And right after that

I checked the heat situation. Nothing scandalous happened there as well. and on the sound level meter test, which I like to call miramba test, iPhone 7 plus took the lead If you trusted this visual and though this stereo sound is coming from these two areas You’d be wrong, because the 8 holes on the left side plus the one the eight on the right side is the microphone… A clearer representation of iPhone 7’s stereo speaker setup is actually this. So lets setup the XY mic and test the difference As you can imagine iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus sounds a lot fuller compared to the previous iPhones. Now iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has %25 brighter screen Which I’m guessing means better front facing flash. So let’s compare it to iPhone 6s Plus I’m going to take a selfie in complete darkness with both phones and let’s see if we can spot the difference Let’s begin with iPhone 6s Plus 1, 2, 3! Now iPhone 7 Plus 1, 2, 3 Great iPhone 7’s 7 megapixel camera gave better results than iPhone 6s’ 5 megapixel camera For the back camera tests,

I prepared this mount so I can use them at the same time. Now both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus has optical stabilization. Optical stabilization does a fantastic job in most cases. But in some cases, having optical stabilization is actually worse. Look what happens when I tap the mount. For better understanding I’m going to slow the video down. This becomes a big problem when if your phone is mounted to your car. In daylight iPhone 7’s colors feel more natural. Both iPhone 6s series and iPhone 7 series have the same sharpness Even when we zoom in 200%, 300% the sharpness seems to stay the same. iPhone 7 also feels like has more contrast. The 10x digital zoom is surprisingly… alright After all digital zoom is digital zoom but this seem to be looking good. But iPhone 7 steps ahead when it is time to take a photo in low light. Now a lot of you are wondering “Hey! this phone is water resistant, why don’t you put it in something so we can see” But I don’t want to do it. I don’t feel comfortable with it I don’t know what if it isn’t water really resistant? I mean…

I really don’t want to do it. Anyway cheers! Oh! Last year I covered a song, fifty shades of space gray And this year it came true so go ahead watch it, it is a cover of Paint it Black Overall I liked the iPhone 7, I cared about the headphone jack as much as I cared about the cd player on macbooks. iPhone 7’s new colors are beautiful. Before seeing it in person I was sure that I’d get black but after seeing the jetblack a part of me wants to get it. But I use my phone a lot, I have to take the case off, put it back on, the iPhone has to be durable. So I don’t know I’m not comfortable with the new home button yet, I think I’m going to need sometime to get used to that. But other than that iPhone 7 is a perfected iPhone 6s and it feels like it is built to last at least until iOS 12. Well, thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it Please hit that subscribe button, I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen. Hit that button and join the World DO’mination! And let me know what you think about iPhone 7, 7 plus and the new Apple Watch in the comment section pillow What do you think, do you think it is worth to switch to iPhone 7 or would you like to wait for iPhone 7s Which is going to be the 10th year of iPhone And until I see you the next time take really good care of yourselves and hoşça kalın!


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